Questions? raise your hand and we'll call on you in an orderly...

...just kidding.

We have answers for you.



Memberships unlock all of the member-only discounts, benefits, and events that we’ve negotiated with our partners. It also comes with access to original content and recommendations to the brands we trust.

What does that mean? We offer discounts and benefits across all the major categories such as surf, ski, snowboard, camp, and more. Just by leveraging our discount with one of the outerwear companies we partnered with on your next pant and jacket purchase, your membership would pay for itself and then some. Literally, you’ll have access to thousands of dollars worth of savings and member-only benefits like free beer at select locations in Portland, Montreal, and more.  Early partners will give you preferred pricing on surfboards, snowboards, skis, sunglasses, tents, outerwear, base layers, bikinis, board shorts, bike fitting, custom boards, travel to exotic outdoor locations (what up, Japan? Hola, South American Ski Trip) and more.

We are launching our service early with a limited number of launch partners so we will be adding new benefits every month.  We are also looking for founding members to give feedback and help guide our partnerships in the future. We are building this service to provide as much value to our members as possible.

Along with our initial 40+ partners at launch we will be offering our concierge service which will allow members to ask us for help in connecting them with the right company, service provider or any other question you might have in your pursuit of the outdoors.  We have some great contacts across the country and industry so we want to be your trusted source and help point you in the right direction. Think of us as your friends in the industry.

How do I see the benefits and company partners? What are the discounts?

Partners of The Delmont Club offer discounts ranging between 15% and 50% off MSRP. We are updating partners on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

Who are the other members?

We know that outdoor enthusiasts are very particular about their outdoor pursuits, so you might be asking what kind of outdoor enthusiast qualifies? The answer is a bit of a cop-out…anyone who loves the outdoors! Seriously though, we know that people tend to identify as a surfer or a snowboarder, but our content, info and partners try to appeal to a wider audience of people who love and respect the outdoors.   

With that being said, we know we can’t be everything to everyone, so our early partners and much of our content is generally aimed at the surf, ski, snowboard, bike, hike, and camp crowd. We'd love to add trail running and climbing to the mix soon.

What kind of member “experiences and events” are available?

When one of our brand partners said "Oh! And we'll offer free beer at our Portland HQ" we knew we were onto something unique. Currently, three brand partners are offering free beer options. In the future we hope to offer discounted access to outdoor film premieres, climbing gyms, and more.

You can't be serious. free beer with membership?

We're serious. Membership, as has been said, has its perks. 


We are a national membership club, so most of our partnerships are with national or online partners that cater to the United States. However, as we are based in California, we are also offering a selection of local partners to those members in San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, New York, Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles to start. We'll aim to add a selection of local partners in future metro areas as demand/membership grows in that region.  We welcome any and all suggestions as members sign up!


Memberships are non-refundable and all sales are final. Membership renews each year automatically unless canceled.

Will the Delmont club make me a better surfer, skier, snowboarder, etc?

The Delmont Club cannot guarantee membership will make you a better surfer, skier, snowboarder, etc, but we can guarantee you'll save thousands of dollars on outdoor gear by buying directly from the brand using our preferred pricing benefits. 

One more time. I'm sorry, but I don't believe you. Some brands are offering free beer to members of the delmont club?

We couldn't believe it either at first, but yes, friend, it's true.