About Forsake

Forsake is for those seeking more freedom and fewer ceilings. 

We design all-weather footwear for travel and adventure. Our goal is to bring a higher level of versatility to your feet.

Our products blend outdoor technology, rugged construction, and versatile styling. They’re inspired by the mountains, and fit for every journey. 

Our story begins in 2009 when two friends left the east coast for snowier pastures in Big Sky, MT and Alta, UT. Jobs were secured, apartments were rented, and skiing powder became a daily pursuit.

But life in the rockies doesn’t come without compromise. For starters, it puts a real strain on everyday footwear. Materials tear, feet slip, and water leaks everywhere.

We needed a more rugged and reliable pair of sneakers. So, in 2012, we set about making them. We called it Forsake: for Sam and Jake.



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