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McDermott Shapes is a small business, owned and operated by brothers, Andy and Ryan McDermott. Since 2004 their work has been dedicated to creating surfboards and stand up paddle-boards that are custom designed for both riders and their waves. 

Recently, the boys are continuing to grow their retail space in Scarborough, but are really focusing on greener manufacturing possibilities within the surfboard industry. After receiving a Seed Grant in 2013, Andy and Ryan have both worked closely with Maine Technology Institute (MTI), testing resin systems in the hopes of finding a manufacturing process that is environmentally conscious without sacrificing quality and board performance.



The Offer

+$50 off a custom surfboard or paddle board

+one-year supply of cold water wax with purchase of board

How to Redeem

Call them at (207) 939 6016. Say "I'm in The Delmont Club and they said to keep the shred alive." 

We're serious.

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