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16/17 threw everyone—your favorite small-batch purveyors of handmade snow-sliding sticks included—for a loop. And 2018 looks to be pretty mental too, if things like torrential rains and flooding followed by 100+ inches over 48 hours are any indicators.

We spent a lot of time over the past year lying to ourselves that we weren't going to change a whole lot, and then ended up where we are now: two brand new models on the way (Meridian Tour & Meridian 117), revised cap and semi-cap construction throughout almost the entire line, and multiple new, heavy, expensive pieces of machinery to help raise production speed and finish quality. More presses, new grinders, another CNC . . . the list goes on, and we're still reeling from a great season.

Demand was overwhelming, and we struggled to keep skis in stock for you. They say it's a good problem to have, but we'd rather you were out there on a pair of Moments instead of waiting for a pair.

Rest assured that we aren't slowing down. We're stronger, faster, better than ever at making rad shred missiles for your feet.

Welcome to next year.





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