About on3p skis

Ten minutes from downtown Portland, you’ll find the ON3P factory. It’s not operated by some OEM company, nor are we some mega-factory building our skis overseas. It’s where our small crew of ski builders come to work and build each and every pair of ON3P skis.

Since the beginning, we’ve believed we could build skis better, build them ourselves, and build them here in America. We’re skiers who founded a manufacturing company, not one who entered the game as an overfunded marketing business, focused on creating hype, then outsourcing our production. There’s no pride in skis we didn’t press, nor a personal stake in skis being sent off to be built by someone else.

Above all else, we cherish the knowledge that we’ve created every aspect of the skis we take to the mountains and ski on our days off. There’s pride in what we do and without our craft, we’re just like the rest.  

But with it, we’re ON3P.



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